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"Cast all your anxiety on him..."

last week was mental health awareness week. this subject is so important to talk about. it has been a taboo subject for so long. the thing is people go to the hospital if they think they have broken their arm and don't feel shame in receiving treatment. when it comes to our mental health, there has been a stigma against a person admitting they are struggling and seeking help in the past. times are different now - more people are struggling. I am glad we are talking about this subject and what we must do to avoid the worst happening.

the theme of mental health awareness week was anxiety. we aren't talking about the type of anxiety where are a bit nervous about starting a new job or sitting an exam. we are talking about anxiety as an illness here. having anxiety causes feelings of severe panic, intensity, and restlessness. people with anxiety think of the worst thing that could happen in a situation. They have an increased heart rate and breathe rapidly. anxiety causes people to tremble, sweat, and feel weak and tired. it causes them to have trouble concentrating and to struggle to eat properly. The worries they have are constantly on their mind; they have problems controlling their anxiety, and they will do anything they can to avoid the things which trigger their anxiety.

I don't have anxiety so I don't know what is like to live with anxiety. I know people who do and it breaks my heart knowing they are struggling. if you are struggling, I encourage you to get the medical help you need. there is no shame in admitting that you need help. I wanted to remind you of a verse in the Bible:

I know the act of what this verse is telling us to do is probably easier said than done. this verse comes from god's word, though. god's word is full of truth. you may be walking through the storm at the moment, but know that god still loves you, and he is with you. the bible doesn't say that the Christian life will be easy. it doesn't say that we won't face trials and tribulations. it does say that god is for us. That means he is on our side. he is fighting our battles for us. he is also always with us. he promises to never leave us. through the trials we face, god is by our side. he is also never against us, because yet again, we come back to the truth that god loves and he cares for us.

what does it mean to "cast your anxieties on him"?

to "cast your anxieties on him" means to give them over to him. yes, that is a difficult one! we worry because it is in our human nature too. do you know that we don't need to worry? we don't need to because whatever we are worried about, god is in control of everything. secondly, we don't need to worry because when Jesus went to the cross, he took our worries, our fears, our sins - all the things which get in the way of our relationship with god - he dealt with them on the cross.

"...because you cares for you."

if there is one thing you take from this blog post, I want you to remember that god cares for you. That may sound weird if you don't know god personally. god cares about you, though. he knows our worries. he knows the struggles you face daily, and he feels your pain. he sent his son to this earth to save you from the difficulties you face. Jesus paid the price when he died on the cross for me and you.

if you are going through anxiety or whatever battle you are facing today, know that you are not alone. know that the season you are currently in will not last forever. know that if you accept Jesus as your lord and Saviour he is carrying by his right hand. in his strength, all things are possible (Philippians 4:13). I pray that you would know his love and his care in your life today, tomorrow and all the days of your life.

by lizzy price

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