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Waiting in the wing

Everyone who knows me and has been following edge over the past few months will know that my family and I are moving from mid-wales to Yorkshire. One of the reasons for the move is that we have family who live in that part of the country, so we want to live closer to them. Also, we feel that God is calling us to a new chapter in our lives. We are excited to see the journey that god has for us. We are in the process of buying our new house, but but Anyone who has bought a house before will know that the process takes a couple of months to complete. Every time I leave the house, though, someone asks me the same question. Some days more than one person asks me the same question.

Don't get me wrong, we have loved living in mid-wales. We have lived in this area for 23 years. I was four when we moved here. All of my childhood friendships and memories have evolved here. This place has shaped me to be the person I am today. The most difficult thing will be leaving family and friends behind. We always knew we would make this move at some point, but I don't think we thought we thought it would be so imminent.

Although we are leaving family and friends, we are excited for what’s to come. When we saw the house we are buying, we fell in love with it straight away. It ticked so many boxes because so many of the things we needed this house had. In the same week, my dad filled out an application form for a job. He had an interview the week after, and was offered a job. Because of The way everything has fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle, we know god is at the centre of this new move we are making. Not knowing when we are moving is frustrating some days because we want to have everything ready. We also want the chance to catch up with people before we move. So, when people ask, “when are you moving?”, it can drive us crazy, bec because some days we are asking the same question.

God has been challenging me recently about this question. I am someone who likes to be in control and things to be in their correct places. I also like to have time to deal with upcoming changes before they occur. This isn't always possible, though, and something I need to get used to. it doesn't matter how frustrated I get with people, the situation, how I feel won't change anything. I am not in control and that's okay because my creator and the author of my life is in control. He has written my story and He has gone before me. god has promised to be with me and see me through until the end of time, so even I may be frustrated or worried, I don't need to be. God knows the answer and he has control over all things.

I believe this is a lesson we all need to learn because our natural reaction to feeling worried, frustrated or excited is needing to take control. We need to learn to be patient with God, with god, though. It may feel like we are waiting in the wing for the next chapter of our lives to begin. During this season, We need to remember that God’s timing is not the same as ours. In fact, god’s timing is perfect. We just need to be in tune with him, so that he can reveal his next step for us to take.

My next chapter may be the part of my life when I live in Yorkshire, but what about the current chapter?! Why jump ahead to the next chapter when i could miss out on an important detail that prepares me for the next chapter? Or maybe god has work for me to do right here right now where i am.

Let's stop jumping ahead to what is going to happen tomorrow. Let's live for today. Let us live in the moment And commit to living according to the plan he has for us today. He may have an important word for us that will shape the rest of our lives or someone who needs to hear our testimony. Whatever it is or whoever they may be, they are important and they are a part of his perfect plan. If we jump too far ahead, we are going to miss out whon what god is doing in the here and now.

lizzy price

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