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There are a number of ways in which you can get connected and involved... 


on zoom


Breathe is our monthly online gathering for women. It is a space for women to meet others, develop new friendships, have time to relax and have fun and spend time with God and build their relationship with Him. We meet on Zoom on the first Wednesday evening of every month from 8pm - 9:15pm. We do different things every month, from themed Bible studies and prayer and worship evenings to cooking and craft evenings. It is free to join, and all women are welcome.


Through the post

Voice Packs

As a continuation of Voice (our monthly online gathering for girls), which took place during the lockdown, we have now switched to sending girls' packs through the post. These packs are themed and everything in the collection relates to the overall theme. The things found in these packs are worksheets to fill in, Bible verses for encouragement, and daily tools to help them, like music playlists and treats like keyrings and sweets. These packs are available for girls ages 11 - 16 to receive through the post.

B-Loved Packs

The B-Loved Project helps children’s hospitals support their patients and families at a time when they feel scared and alone. We provide craft packs for patients stuck waiting to be seen by a doctor in A&E and care packs for parents who find themselves stuck unexpectedly in hospital with their child overnight. Our prayer is that through these packs the patients and their families will find love and joy when they are stuck in a place they wouldn't choose to be.

Support the work we are doing, by donating through the link below. 

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Edge Events

EDGE events are certainly a highlight in the calendar for EDGE volunteers and the girls and women we work with. In the past we have run two day conferences for girls and women. Check out our gallery to see highlights from our Treasured and Born To Shine Conferences. 

Details of future conferences will be available, here on our website. Watch this space.

Thank you for our first EDGE day event. Our group were very welcomed and we thoroughly enjoyed it. None of the girls are from Christian homes. They weren't condemned, but they were loved, valued and felt very much a part of the group. They did not shut up for the whole two hour journey home. See you at the next event!

- Youth Leaders

I got to see my friends again from last year. There was great talks and worship. See you next year!

- Young Person

Thank you Lizzy and team for a special two days away with my eldest daughter. You don't realise what you have done for us both. You have given me my daughter back. This is the first time I’ve seen her smile in over four months.

- Parent

Just a big thankyou to you all for an amazing Born To Shine event last week. My daughter loved it, and I am so impressed with the organisation, the activities they did, the music and teaching they received and all the lovely gifts they were given or made. Not forgetting the gift of a youth Bible she received. I will be recommending EDGE to all the other Mums and her church friends.

- Parent

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